Cube Calls 2018-2019

Become an intern at Cube and co-create for change.




Für die untenstehenden Calls des „in residence“-Programms 2018-2019 werden aktuell Teilnehmer gesucht. Würde es dir gefallen, zur nächsten Generation der Pioniere der Cube design thinkers zu gehören? Dann schicke deinen Lebenslauf und ein Motivationsschreiben an Anja Köppchen, Coordinator Cube design labs, Oder informiere dich näher bei den Cube Calls. Das „in residence“-Programm kann im Rahmen eines Praktikums, Studienfachs oder einer Abschlussarbeit absolviert werden. Arbeitssprache ist English oder Höllandisch. 

My second skin

Are you comfortable in your own skin? In addition to our physical and mental constitution, clothing plays an important role in our wellbeing. Our ’second skin’ gives us protection, a sense of comfort, and helps us differentiate or makes us belong. Technology that makes our clothing and accessories smart and adaptive can support and strengthen the function of our second skin, and even extend it. How can wearable technology and smart textiles contribute to human wellbeing? Design, create and test new concepts for our second skin!  


We are all longing for luxury. However, we all desire something else. A flashy convertible with sports rims and spoilers. That golden watch, inlaid with diamonds and a crocodile leather strap. Or rather that African savannah tour? The seemingly unattainable makes people greedy. It reflects our dreams. Luxury adds colour to our lives. At the same time luxury is often seen as superfluous – a waste almost, even sinful self-indulgence. The word ’luxury’ is for a good reason a corruption of the Latin word ’luxuria’ which means excess. Where do you draw the line between luxury and necessity? And how much are we ready to spend on luxury? But most importantly, how does luxury look like in the future?   

This last question forms the starting point of this Call. As part of the LUXURY exhibition that will be shown in Cube design museum starting September this year, four scientists and a youth panel develop visions of the future. Scientists express visions on health, mobility, work and food. The youth panel discusses the definition and the manifestation of luxury based on their own expectations for the future. 

In the context of the luxury exhibition students are being challenged to work in the Cube design labs on speculative design and to develop products, concepts or services based on the scenarios mentioned above. The design process and the results of the Call will be part of the exhibition. 

Smart packaging

In this Call we are searching for new packaging features and possibilities in the food industry, taking into account questions of form, materials and sustainability. Packaging does not only protect a product, it is also a means of communication. Unfortunately, this communication is one-sided and often inconclusive. There is a fine line between seduction and deception. Have you ever tried to buy only honest, responsible and healthy products in the supermarket?  How can packaging play a role in the creation of an honest and transparent supply chain and thus help the consumer to make more conscious food decisions?   In collaboration with relevant partners in the supply chain and the visitors of Cube we aim to find solutions that reflect the interaction between smart packaging, brand honesty and the responsibility of the consumer. In 2020 these projects will be shown at the exhibition Touchpoint Packaging in Düsseldorf.