Privacy Statement

Stichting Museumplein Limburg (hereinafter referred to as ‘Museumplein’), which legally includes Cube design museum, handles your data with care, especially when it comes to minors. Personal data of visitors to Museumplein will be processed in accordance with the GDPR. This concerns both your online visit to our website and the museum complex at Museumplein in Kerkrade, where we limit ourselves to using the necessary data of visitors to facilitate your visit to the museum complex.

To the extent that we require individual personal data, such as for bookings, these are only stored in the CRM & booking system on our own servers and the secure e-mail. This also applies to personal data submitted, such as in applications or registrations. Also when participating in competitions, retrieving photo/video images taken in an exhibition or otherwise, data will only be used for this purpose unless otherwise stated and explicitly approved by the visitor. These data are only accessible to functionally involved Museumplein employees.

If parts of this are conducted by a third party for which personal data are processed, a processing agreement has been concluded with this third party where this is required. The personal data in question will in any case be kept for as long as required by law, for example because of the fiscal obligation to retain them: this concerns information about purchased tickets or other services. Where possible, personal data will be converted to anonymized data in which individual visitors cannot be traced.

In the event of a data breach with us or a supplier that may involve personal data, we will, in accordance with the law, inform the authorities and data subjects within 24 hours and try to limit the damage as much as possible.

Your visit to the Museum complex


Museumplein processes the personal data of persons who are guilty of damage to the museum complex or the collection, as referred to in the ‘Terms and conditions for visitors’, as well as those who violate these terms and conditions. Museumplein keeps a file with the details of visitors who appear on this list in order to be able to deny them access to the museum. This file is only used internally in our own museum and is not made available to third parties.

Museumplein processes the personal data of complainants as referred to in the ‘Terms and conditions for visitors’. This personal data will only be processed internally in accordance within this purpose, which is to answer and settle the complaint as well as possible. The personal data will only be stored for as long as is necessary for the settlement of the complaint or suggestions and any questions about this. 

Video surveillance takes place inside and directly around the museum complex. The recordings are only accessible to authorized persons, are kept for one year, and are only made available at the request of the police or due to judicial decision. Live images are visible for surveillance purposes to authorized persons such as visitor support. They do not have access to stored images.

Photography & filming

Photographs can be taken in the museum complex for advertising purposes. By entering the museum complex, you consent to photography of you as part of a group. These photos can be used for our own publications, such as on social media or in presentations. You can and at any time indicate that you do not want to be in the picture. In connection with the recordings, you may be asked to provide temporary space for the photographer to take photographs. This also includes pre-registered press photographers. Commercial recordings by third parties are not permitted without the explicit permission of Museumplein. The processing of permission from the public is also the responsibility of the third party.

In the case of recordings in which you are clearly recognizable or even individually portrayed and this does not concern participation in an event in which it has been indicated in advance that photographs will be taken, explicit permission is requested. Your permission only applies to photos and videos made by us or on our behalf.

It is possible that other parents take photos in the museum. We have no influence on this, but we assume that these parents also show restraint in posting photos and videos on the internet. If we want to have photos and videos taken for marketing purposes other than an update on social media, for example for a leaflet or website, we will inform you about this separately and, if necessary, ask your permission. We will also contact you if we want to use image material for a different purpose. For this reason, your personal data provided here, such as your name and e-mail address, will be stored for a long period of time. You may, of course, always rescind your permission. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to delete pictures that have been posted.

Visiting the website

On the Museumplein websites, such as, the ticket shop, or specific projects, general visitor data is kept without identifying these visitors. The aim of this is to optimize the layout of the websites. Cookies are used for this purpose. There are various types of cookies:

Some cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of the website. Without these cookies, parts of the websites will not work. Functional cookies may be placed without your permission. These cookies do not store any personal data.

Google Analytics & Google Tag manager

We use cookies to track web statistics (Google Analytics) and the Tag Manager to optimize the operation of the ticket shop. Where possible, only Google Tag Manager will be used to reduce the number of cookies. The information used is anonymized and grouped as far as possible, so that it is not possible to trace the data back to individual visitors. This data is also kept for 26 months from the last visit. We use this information to further improve the online experience: this includes data such as how many visitors visit the website per period, which pages they view, where they come from such as region and country, but also from which other website they have arrived on our website, what they click on, and which browser and screen resolution they use. This information will not be traced back to an individual visitor. Functional cookies may be placed without your permission.

Google Adwords

Museumplein uses Google Adwords, but does not use retargeting or other tools that require personal data.

Social media

On the websites, functionalities of social media platforms can be used to post images or messages from these sources or to provide opportunities to share pages easily on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These functionalities work through a code that comes from these platforms themselves. Cookies are placed via this code. We have no influence on these cookies.


We use MailChimp for our promotional e-mails. Cookies are also needed to use the registration form. In order to receive promotional e-mails, you must give your explicit consent by filling out this form. You can always change your information within this system or unsubscribe: we only use this data for sending promotional e-mails. This data will not be shared with third parties or linked to other data.

Ticket shop and reservations

When buying Museumplein tickets online (museum admission and/or events) via the ticket shop, necessary personal details such as your name and e-mail address will be requested. These are only used to send the e-tickets and for the necessary financial accountability. In addition, you have the possibility to create an account with which you can view your order history at any time. This data is stored on our own server in encrypted form and a processing agreement has been concluded with the software supplier of this system. The payment system is based on Rabobank's Omnikassa. When purchasing tickets or group tickets via the reservations department, where address data may be required for invoicing purposes, your data will be stored on our own servers in the CRM and/or booking system for as long as there is a legal obligation to do so.

Blocking of cookies

Most internet browsers can be set so that cookies are not accepted or that you are informed when you receive a cookie. Please note that certain parts of the website will not function or will not function optimally when you block cookies. The way in which you can disable cookies varies from browser to browser.


If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the data about you that is known to us, then please contact Carola van 't Hof, PR & Communications employee, at pers [at] or on +31 (0)45 567 60 58. You can also contact us to remove your data from our systems or a photo from the website or other places. Any such request must be made in writing. We can, however, ask you for valid identification. It is also possible that certain data cannot be deleted in connection with a statutory obligation to retain data or if it is part of a larger whole, such as the number of participants. No information is shared about or with other visitors.