Activiteit IMPACT: Workshop Speculative Futures by Theo Ploeg

The world is accelerating, and we have a difficult time catching up. Current models and ways of thinking aren’t capable of explaining the changes that are taking place. Issues like climate change, inequality and sustainability, are effecting everybody, including businesses. How can we translate these big development to the regular business and design process?

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Speculative design is an approach to design (for) the future. It challenges designers to leave known territories and take steps into the unknown by creating a possible and preferable future. It does so by the introduction of the concept of fictional world building into the design process. It’s like writing the screenplay for a positive episode of ‘Black Mirror’ and designing for it.

In this workshop we translate contemporary and urgent challenges to the near future, build a world around them and create a lo-fi prototype. The tools we use are part of Intervention Design, a new speculative design approach.

Cube design museum in collaboration with Theo Ploeg, ambassador speculative design at Digital Society School and co-founder of Speculative Futures Amsterdam, organize two master classes on 16 July and 13 August 2019 for entrepreneurs and managers who have the courage to design (for) the future!


  • 16:00-16:15 Welcome
  • 16:15-18:00 Workshop Speculative Futures part 1
  • 18:00-18:30 Break + dinner
  • 18:30-21:00 Workshop Speculative Futures part 2

Practical information

  • This workshop is being taught in English.
  • Dinner during the break is included in the ticket price.



IMPACT Workshop Speculative Futures by Theo Ploeg

  • 13 August 2019