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Changing desires. Luxury is something we all desire. Whether it’s that expensive Swiss-made watch professionally crafted with rare white gold or that exclusive holiday to exotic beaches surrounded by all the comforts you could wish for. Luxury is about striving for pleasure and satisfaction. It emerges from that inherent human longing for beauty and the need to set yourself apart from those around you. In a way, luxury adds an extra dimension to our existence.

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Luxury is a choice, and sometimes this can be a personal choice. While some love to spend their money on shiny status symbols, others prefer to treat themselves to an indulgent moment of privacy in a spa. However, sometimes that choice is determined by material prosperity or cultural background. Things that go without saying for some of us, such as a warm bed or that comfy outfit you wear to gym, can suddenly become an unattainable luxury.

Luxury also changes over time. Increasing prosperity means that traditional luxuries are becoming more accessible to more people. At the same time, technological improvements in healthcare and safety are becoming accessible to fewer people. The luxury of the future might be a completely different landscape from that of the past and present. 

LUXURY? looks at all the ways in which luxury plays a role in our everyday lives. The question mark stands as a symbol for our relationship with luxury that is dependent on time and personal choices. Is luxury always something expensive? What is the luxury of the future? Can luxury also be useful? But it most markedly asks the question: what is your luxury? By posing as a question, LUXURY? forces us to think about luxury and about our deepest human needs and desires.

Such luxury! Marie-Louise Martens talks about the magic of Hermès: the most desired handbags in the world

Exquisite quality and craftmanship are at the root of the success of the French brand Hermès. Marie-Louise Martens is owner of the Hermès boutique in Maastricht and made this limited edition Hermès handbag available for the exposition. “Quality is the most important cornerstone of Hermès. You can tell by the hand-made leather. The beautiful finish of the piece ist stylish and timeless”. This handbag was created as part of a very limited run, in a canvas and leather edition. The canvas displays an obvious nod to equestrianism, where the roots of the brand lie. Prices start at eight thousand euros and can increase significantly depending on the model, edition and supply.

Limited edition Hermès bag

Marie-Louise Martens, owner of Hermès boutique in Maastricht

Luxury: is it a choice?

The definition of luxury depends on personal circumstances such as race and gender, but it is also dependent on aspects such as income, the place where you live and even religion. One might choose a watch with a case made out of sapphire glass where someone who is partially sighted or blind would opt for the Dot Watch. This is a watch that displays time in Braille that can be connected to a smartphone using a special app.

Dot Watch by Dotincorp

Hublot Watch

The luxury problem

Our needs are changing, and so too is our desire for luxury. The world we live in is facing significant changes that are happening faster and faster. How can for example people who are less mobile remain active for longer? As a motorized machine, Lea Care is the world's first interactive robotic rollator that can drive up to the user with a remote control and increases the users' mobility thanks to its one-handed operation, sensors and intelligent but easy-to-use control panel.

Lea Robot Care System

De new luxury

There is no denying that our earth is facing numerous changes in the current times. Will these changes influence our longing for luxury? In order to explore the "new luxury" five experts have been asked to develop a vision of the future based on five themes: health care, food, housing, work and mobility. 


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Made possible with help from:

  • Concept: Jeroen Junte, Gène Bertrand, Hans Gubbels
  • Curator: Jeroen Junte, Chapeau Magazine, Gène Bertrand, Hans Gubbels
  • Realisation: Madeleine van Daele, Raymond Jacobs A-haus, Houtatelier Pablo Borger
  • Spatial design: De Nieuwe Context
  • Loans: Vilja van Bemelen, Madeleine van Daele
  • Text: Jeroen Junte, Valérie Hoekstra
  • Translation: Duo vertaalburo
  • Graphic design exhibition: Homo ludens
  • Graphic design catalogue: Nadine Vroomen
  • Printed descriptions of objects: Grootmakers
  • Printed catalogue: Marthin Flokstra, Drukkerij Maenen
  • Photography: Kenneth Tan





  • 22 September 2018 t/m 14 April 2019