Activiteit Nature lecture Shahar Livne: Metamorphism

The upcoming exhibition "Nature" will open on May 10th in Cube. In the run-up to the opening Cube organizes a number of lectures/workshops in collaboration with designers whose work features in "Nature".

31 March 2019 view details »
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This lecture is about the "Metamorphism" project of Israeli designer Shahar Livne. Her project speculates on the future of plastic as a new raw material. After digging up waste plastic from the beaches in the Netherlands and Israel, Livne developed Lithoplast material, a compound material comprised of plastic, minestone and marble dust. She then applied heat and pressure to mimic a natural geological process known as metamorphism, the change of minerals or geologic texture in pre-existing rocks wwithout a solid-state change. This material can be used for sculptural handmade products and it's potential for interior design applications is being tested at the moment.

English spoken.



Nature lecture Shahar Livne: Metamorphism

  • 31 March 2019