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Man has always wondered about time, its nature and implications. Nowadays, people are obsessed by time as it has turned into something rare we avidly look for, even though we do not make the most of it. The exhibition Time Matters displays almost 30 objects around the theme of time.

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Designers and artists have always had a pioneering approach to contemporary subject matters and time is an extremely fascinating theme - the very word evokes a whole spectrum of possible meanings. Encompassing art and design, these visionary projects provide a new, open interpretation of time.

The exhibits highlight the relativity of time as they suggest both the desire for a vertiginous acceleration or the need for a slower pace. In this respect, all projects reflect the contemporary world with its contradictions and multiplicity of points of views.

What, then, is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know 

Saint Augustine

Six themes

The exhibition is a journey with and through time in the different sections of the exhibition. In Change the clocks are reinvented beyond all commonplaces; the flowing of minutes and hours is seen in terms of change, growth and decline. The exhibits in Personal convey the importance of personal rhythms. The devises in Valuable consider time in terms of productivity, time is money, or on the contrary encourage us to use our time to meditate. The pieces in Now focus on the present, while those in Tangible transform the perception of time into a sensory experience. Finally, the clocks in Measurable show the ancient connection of time with astronomy.



Time Matters

  • 1 June 2020 t/m 3 January 2021

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