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Permanent exhibition: Design according to Cube

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For centuries mankind has adapted the world around him to suit his needs; objects and services have been developed to keep him safe, healthy and comfortable. Innovation - driven bij big and small needs and human ambition - keep on producing new products & services. Especially those items which came forth from a human need, can make a difference in the world from Cube's viewpoint.

This permanent exhibition shows the diversity of design. Design trends, evolution, failures, our bodies: design is everywhere. Design is personal, subjective and time dependent. Design is a proces.

Design Differences

Eight iconic designs and their impact and impression on the world, the maker or user.

Design Trends

Even design is subject to time and changes.
Scroll trough trends throughout the years. 

Design Aim

Funtional to esthetic: the role of design explained using citrus presses: from iconic design to pure practical solutions.

Design Flaws

Not every design is a good design. The flaw is often clear in hindsight, but was possible only avoided bu current technics for Design Thinking as shown in the Cube Labs.

Design the Body

The boundaries between man and machine are diminishing. Design the Body is a display of a series of designs which improve, heal, or at least change the human body.

Design Evolution

Good design is timeless... or good design changes in time? A wall filled with icons proving the latter.

Cube Lab

Design according to Cube is being executed in the Cube Labs, where studens work together with visitors on the Cube Calls: challenges coming from society. The students would love to take you with them in their proces ASK IMAGINE CREATE. All informatie on designlabs and current calls.




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