Cube design museum

Cube is Holland's first museum entirely dedicated to design. Cube displays meaningful design that has an impact on the world.

A visit to Cube will provide an insight in the design process, it will inspire visitors to take an active part in thinking about shaping the world. Cube does not only stage exhibitions of trend-setting international and Euregional design, it also functions as an multidisciplinary laboratory where visitors can take part in innovative product design together with students and designers.

Design according to Cube

For centuries man has been moulding his world, has developed objects, applications and services to keep dry, fed, in good health, secure and satisfied. Innovation, born from large and small needs and the will to live and to control life as far as possible, keeps generating new products, services and applications. What counts in this world, according to Cube, are products that were developed to fulfil a human need or a necessity that could not be ignored.

Visit Cube

Cube contains five innovative exhibition floors, where design exhibitions alternate with multidisciplinary laboratory spaces. There is also a multifunctional floor that can be hired for various sorts of meetings.

TOP FLOOR: a multifunctional floor for conferences, lectures and meetings

CREATE: exhibition and lab-space

IMAGINE: exhibition and lab-space

ASK: exhibition and lab-space

INTRO: (permanent) exhibition space

EXPO: two spaces for temporary exhibitions