Activiteit Design Challenge: Marieke Sonneveld

Come and listen, watch, and help the designers in their quest for solutions fo Cube's design challenge for the upcoming exposition (Re)design Death. During todays session Marieke Sonneveld (End of Life Lab TUDelft) will talk about her projects and you can meet & feed the designer.

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The question for the designers working on the challenge: 'Design a conversational piece to get the visitors of Cube design museum thinking about what it means to live forever.' You are invited to join todays session:

  • 14.00 meet & feed the designer: watch the designers working in the lab on projects, discuss their ideas and give feedback
  • 16.00 end

Session will be in English.

Design Challenge

In anticipation of the (Re) design Death exhibition, Cube design museum is organizing a design challenge. Do you design a conversational piece that makes our visitors think about what it actually means to live forever? More information



Design Challenge Marieke Sonneveld

  • Sunday 19 January

    14:00 - 16:00