Beyond Mortality

Bich Tran

In the last 100 years, advances in medicine and technological development have been able to prolong the human lifespan exceedingly. If we are able to prolong our lives longer and longer… What happens if we can live forever? How would this transition between mortality and immortality look like?

Out of these questions, I propose to design the ritual between mortality and immortality.

The goal of the design is to make the moment of transformation visceral and reflect upon the consequences this shift would have on a personal and societal level.

Vlog: Introduction Bich Tran

My name is Bich, I am a designer born in Vietnam, grew up in Austria and now based in the Netherlands.

I recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and in my work, I focus on Design Research, Colour and Space in various media and formats.

My interest in joining the Design Challenge is to approach a complex topic and open up ideas and discussion around the future of living and dying and to meet and exchange with designers and creators.

Design Challenge (Re)design Death

Cube design museum is organizing a design challenge in the run-up to the exhibition (Re)design Death. The exhibition consists of over forty Dutch and international design projects on death and the rituals surrounding it. And aims to remove the taboo around death and dying. The exhibition opens on february the 11th. More Information