Happy Expiration Day!

Thomas van den Bliek and Jesper Speekenbrink.

The average life expectancy for men is 80.2 years old, for women it is even 83.3 years. If this is not sufficient, Happy Expiration Day offers the opportunity to expand your life with an extra amount of time.

It explores the consequences of life extension and the pursuit of eternal life. The design proposal makes people define life’s deadline and the possibility to procrastinate their end.

Vlog: Introduction Thomas & Jesper

Thomas van den Bliek and Jesper Speekenbrink both graduated from ArtEZ Product Design in Arnhem. They teamed up, sharing their industrial background and technical approach, combined with speculative thinking and narrative matter. The friction between death and eternal life raises questions and multiple future scenarios worth designing for.

Design Challenge (Re)design Death

Cube design museum is organizing a design challenge in the run-up to the exhibition (Re)design Death. The exhibition consists of over forty Dutch and international design projects on death and the rituals surrounding it. And aims to remove the taboo around death and dying. The exhibition opens on february the 11th. More Information