The Statue of Ahn

Ahn Sung Hwan

When we define our own self, it can be defined by not only the body but also the memories of the past, the imagination of the future, the habits and the objects that we love. Also now, human-beings can be collected as numerous digital information more easily than ever before.

So if the physical body is dead, but if there are still the other parts of self, can we say it is a perfect death? If it is not a perfect death, can human-beings avoid perfect death and complete disappearance by using symbolic objects, like the statue of Buddha?

Vlog Introduction Ahn Sung Hwan

Who doesn’t want to live forever? A long time ago, human beings already have longed for everlasting life. But human is mortal. So, why do we need to imagine about living forever again like a Pharaoh, even though this obvious fact has already been historically and scientifically verified?

But through this personal useless interpretation about DEATH, paradoxically, we can discuss about our LIFE and which kind of era we live in. I’m not a scientist who wants to invent the secret of living forever. I am a designer who intentionally make a useless imagination and own interpretation. - Ahn Sung Hwan

Design Challenge (Re)design Death

Cube design museum is organizing a design challenge in the run-up to the exhibition (Re)design Death. The exhibition consists of over forty Dutch and international design projects on death and the rituals surrounding it. And aims to remove the taboo around death and dying. The exhibition opens on february the 11th. More Information