Would you want to live forever?

Tim Janssen & Scott Elt

Would you want to live forever? In a time where innovation moves rapidly, our understanding of it’s consequences tends fall short. In recent year it has been proven that Immortality becomes more and more achievable.

But what new challenges will this create for mankind? What limitations will arise from living in an immortal body? We want to confront the audience with the reality of eternal life, and get them to think on how this will affect themselves.

Vlog: Introduction Tim & Scott

We have been friends for more than 10 years and as time went by we both generated interest in design and arts. Tim Janssen graduated as Industrial Design Engineer in Venlo and Scott Elt is currently studying Product Design in Maastricht.

We see this Design Challange as an opportunity to work together and to see what we could create for this thought provoking subject.

Design Challenge (Re)design Death

Cube design museum is organizing a design challenge in the run-up to the exhibition (Re)design Death. The exhibition consists of over forty Dutch and international design projects on death and the rituals surrounding it. And aims to remove the taboo around death and dying. The exhibition opens on february the 11th. More Information